1. Sorrow by Chris Schmitt
    Solo performances and original composition performed, programmed, arranged, mixed and mastered by Chris Schmitt at Chromatic Music Studios. Video edited by Chris Schmitt Special thanks goes out to Justin Morgan for help with video, lighting and sound engineering. Please contact me if you are interested in music and production lessons or would like to purchase this song. Chris Schmitt proudly endorses Graefe amplification and cabs. Visit chrisschmittmusic.com for more music and graefedesigns.com for amp demos. Visit Justin Morgan at http://www.platinumskyproductions.com/ for sick beats All rights reserved 2014
  2. HLM
    HLM by James S. produced by Chris Schmitt at Chromatic Music
  3. Great Expectations
    Great Expectations is a song I've been working on for over 10 years. I decided to remix it and reprogram the drums because it's too good of a track to leave in the abyss of unfinished tracks. I spent all day tearing up my fingers trying to figure it out again. The last time I played this song was in 2005 at Derek's house of pain, AKA Rock Solid Amps, at the hight of my shredding days. I decided to post this simply because everybody posted on facebook "Keep on rockin!" for my 34th birthday, so I will, and here it is. BTW... my fingers are toast after playing that track all day long so you all better enjoy it! Chris Schmitt Chromatic Music
  4. flamenco on the bass
    Bass techniques
  5. easy flamenco technique
    Guitar lesson
  6. It's Life
    This is the song called "It's Life" that Blaclite and I wrote during his class. It's been an on going project that has grown into something amazing. The video concept is in the works and we will be looking to shoot the official video sometime in the next year. Keep us on your radar, we'll be doing some killer projects together in the future. Chris Schmitt Chromatic Music